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Hitzer Model 254 Stove Hitzer Model 254 Stove

Experience the warmth and satisfaction of the Hitzer 254 freestanding stove. This stove is known for it's efficiency, versatility, and convenience. Hitzer model 254 is capable of heating up to 2000 square feet and producing over 60,000 btu's of evenly warm temperatures. With a twenty inch wide and thirteen inch deep firebox and unique baffle plate design, the model 254 provides versatility and capability of heating with multiple types of fuel choices and sizes.

The convenient size of the stove allows it to be located in just about any area of your home. The full-view firebox window provides comfort and warm relaxation by the soothing view of the fire. Between the beauty and the outstanding heating capabilities of the Hitzer model 254, this stove will be sure to make your house a warm and cozy home.

Hitzer Model 30-95 Gravity Fed Hopper Stove Hitzer Model 30-95 EZ-Flo Hopper Stove

The Hitzer Model 30-95 EZ-Flo Hopper Stove is an outstandingly efficient and convenient heating source. A thirty pound hopper allows for extended burn times, and the sizable firebox produces 65,000 BTU's of heat. The hopper is also removable, adding an extra layer of convenience.

Like all Hitzer stoves, the 30-95 is thermostatically controlled, providing heating capabilities without electricity. With the ability to heat up to 2000 square feet, the EZ-Flo meets your heating needs. The full view firebox window allows easy viewing that creates cozy warm relaxation. With the color of stove to match your home, the Hitzer 30-95 will decorate your home, produce cost efficient heat, and create a warm and soothing environment with its full view firebox window.

Hitzer Model 354 Stove Hitzer Model 354 Coal Stove

The Hitzer Model 354 Coal Stove generates outstanding amounts of evenly distributed heat, while providing luxury to one's home. It provides maximum heating capabilities of up to 2,500 square feet and produces a BTU rating of 20,000 up to 100,000 BTU's. With multiple alternative fuel options the Hitzer model 354 meets the convenience for its customers.

Its large firebox measures 25" wide, 13.5" deep, and 19" high and allows for hours of warmth and comfort. By having a large full-view firebox window, it provides peaceful relaxation for everyone. The Hitzer Model 354 is an excellent heater that is sure to make an excellent home.

Model 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert Hitzer Model 503 E-Z Flo Coal Fireplace Insert

Hitzer Model 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert expresses an outstanding design, first-class originality, and extreme customer satisfaction. The 503 fireplace insert has growing popularity due to it's unique and convenient qualities offered. These unique qualities consist of size, structure, convenience, and efficiency.

Developed to comfortably fit into almost any standard masonry fireplace, the 503 fireplace insert provides a large amount of heat output, while enhancing the beauty of a traditional fireplace. Built for customer satisfaction and convenience, the Hitzer 503 is equipped with a 30lbs E-Z flo hopper design system. The 503 has grown immensely popular because of the unique and popular hopper insert design. With advance design to exploit efficiency, the 503 insert utilizes the baffle plate design system along with incorporating 3 air intake locations to maximize heat and efficiency. With heating capabilities of up to 3,000 square feet, and 80,000 btu's, the Hitzer 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert will greatly enhance your home in beauty while producing a cost effective and superior heat satisfaction.

Hitzer Model 55 Furnace Hitzer Model 55 Coal Furnace

The Hitzer model 55 Furnace has integrated design with satisfaction. The stove utilizes a basic design while capitalizing on availability provided by preexisting ductwork. In order to meet the convenience for our customers, this stove was designed to capture heat produced by the stove and distribute it directly to different locations throughout your home through the ductwork. This provides evenly heated locations wherever you desire. The large fuel door and firebox this allows for multiple fuel types and sizes as well as btu ratings of 60,000. With the exceptional design this stove has heating capabilities of up to 2,000 square feet.

Developed to meet customer's satisfaction, the stove is accompanied with multiple available options to meet your needs. The stove can be used as a radiant version or with an optional 460 cfm blower. Another popular option is an air filter housing system that can accompany a blower unit. The latest option for satisfaction and convenience is an optional water coil for heating domestic hot water. This stove is cost efficient and can be used as a primary source of heat with amazing heat outputs.

Hitzer Model 55 UL Stove Hitzer Model 55 UL Stove

Hitzer Model 55 freestanding stove adds radiant heat output to the basic traditional design. Like any Hitzer product, this stove is built with Amish craftsmanship that will be sure to last. Utilizing basic appearances and traditional design this Hitzer was made to meet our customer's needs. Having a basic box-like steel structure, this stove is extremely customer friendly and heat efficient having a large firebox, to provide multiple alternative fuel size capabilities.

The Model 55 stove has a rating of 60,000 BTUs, and the capability of heating up to 2,000 square feet. With the simplicity of this stove, it requires no electricity to operate. Hitzer model 55 is an extremely low cost stove, with a high value of heating satisfaction.

Hitzer Model 710 Energy Master II Stoker Furnace Hitzer Model 710 Energy Master II Stoker Furnace

The Hitzer Energy Master II Model 710 stoker hot air furnace is an extremely efficient and technologically advanced stoker furnace. It's 160 pound stainless steel hopper and large ash pan allows for long unattended burn times. The Energy Master has the ability to operate with a power vent as well as a chimney. This makes it usable when no chimney is available.

Hitzer Model 82 Furnace Hitzer Model 82 Coal Furnace

The Hitzer model 82 Furnace fully integrated for design and satisfaction. This stove utilizes the same basic design of the model 82 stove, while capitalizing on the availability provided by preexisting ductwork. In order to meet the convenience of our customers, the stove was designed to capture heat produced by the stove and with the help of the ductwork, distribute it directly to different locations throughout your home. This provides consistent and evenly distributed warm heat to the locations you desire. Having an extra-large fuel door and firebox also allows for multiple fuel types and sizes as well as BTU ratings of 110,000. With this exceptional design this stove has a heating capability of up to 2,500 square feet.

Hitzer Model 82 UL Stove Hitzer Model 82 UL Stove

The Hitzer Model 82 freestanding stove demonstrates traditional design, originality, and is often described as consistent and highly satisfying. Hitzer model 82 started as the original Hitzer Stove. Utilizing a basic appearance and box-like steel structure, the Hitzer model 82 is extremely customer friendly and heat efficient.

Considered a low cost, cost efficient stove, this model still has the capabilities of producing over 100,000 btu's, and has a heating ability of over 2,500 square feet. The Model 82 has the largest firebox of any Hitzer model, which allows for variations of alternative fuel types and sizes. Because of the simplicity of the stove, no electricity is required and has no moving mechanical parts. Over the years the Hitzer Model 82 has has proven it's consistency, simplicity, and satisfaction to create hundreds of warm and happy friends.

Hitzer Model 983 Insert Hitzer Model 983 Coal Fireplace Insert

The Hitzer Model 983 Fireplace Insert is exalted for it's beauty and performance. Built with an exceptional design and Amish craftsmanship, this insert meets all your needs and desires for both warmth and appearance. Built to fit most standard masonry fireplaces, the model 983 allows for easy installation into pre-existing fireplaces, while greatly enhancing the heat output compared to a traditional fireplace. Be amazed by the performance of the 983 fireplace insert, as it's been designed to heat up to 3,000 square feet and has a BTU rating of over 100,000.

Hitzer Model 50-93 Gravity Fed Hopper Stove Hitzer Model 50-93 Gravity Fed Hopper Coal Stove

Hitzer E-Z Flo 50-93 hopper stove has a combination of exceptional heat and modern design. Because the EZ-Flo hopper design system provides long hours of continuously even heating capabilities there is little to no maintenance at all. This stove can produce over 60,000 btu's and 2,000 square foot of heating capacity. With the EZ-Flo removable hopper design this stove meets customer satisfaction with quality and convenience. The 50-93 provides hours of warmth and relaxation even on the worst of days. With no moving or mechanical parts this stove will be there during power outage.

Hitzer Model 608 Energy Master 1 Stoker Stove Hitzer Model 608 Energy Master 1 Stoker Stove

The Hitzer Energy Master I Stoker is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced stoves on the market today. It's intuitive design and new technology has made the Hitzer 608 Stoker a top choice stove. As a HPBA Vesta Award Finalist, the 608 Stoker has credibility, intuition, and capabilities that go far beyond your expectations. The overall capabilities of such an efficient, easy to operate stove will leave you amazed. Thanks to the astounding Coal-trol design system, it has incredible functions that allow you complete control over your fire. Having a digital thermostat this enables push button control of your stove that require no labor involved.

Combining the technology of the Coal-trol with the intuition of the Stoker, this stove will maintain the exact temperature you set. The 608 Energy Master I Stoker has the unbelievable capability of producing as little as 7,000 btu's or up to 90,000 btu's of consistently warm heat. There are so many feature that this astonishing stoker provides.

One of the most convenient and popular features available for this stove is the ability to be operated with a power vent, which means by having the 608 stoker compatible with the power vent system no chimney is required. Other added features include a large fire view window to enjoy the warming glow of your fire and a 90 pound hopper and large ash tray, which allows long extended burn times before disposal. Be utterly amazed with the easy to operate technology and the efficiency found in the Hitzer 608 Energy Master I Stoker. This stove is sure to make warm and happy friends.