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Hitzer Model 254 Freestanding Coal Stove Hitzer Model 254 Freestanding Coal Stove

Experience the warm and satisfying Hitzer Model 254 free-standing stove. This stove is commonly described as efficient, versatile, and convenient. Hitzer model 254 will heat up to 2,000 square feet and produce 70,000 BTU's of heat. With a 20" wide and 13" deep firebox and a unique baffle plate design, this Model 254 allows for powerful and efficient home heating.
Because of the convenient size of the stove, it can be located in just about any area of your home. The full-view firebox window allows for comfort and warm relaxation providing a soothing view of the fire. With beauty and outstanding heating capabilities, the Hitzer model 254 will be sure to make a house a warm and cozy home.

Hitzer Model 30-95 Gravity Fed Hopper Stove Hitzer Model 30-95 EZ-Flo Hopper Stove

The Hitzer Model 30-95 EZ-Flo Hopper Stove is an outstandingly efficient and convenient heating source. A thirty pound hopper allows for extended burn times, and the sizable firebox produces 65,000 BTU's of heat. The hopper is also removable, adding an extra layer of convenience.

Like all Hitzer stoves, the 30-95 is thermostatically controlled, providing heating capabilities without electricity. With the ability to heat up to 2000 square feet, the EZ-Flo meets your heating needs. The full view firebox window allows easy viewing that creates cozy warm relaxation. With the color of stove to match your home, the Hitzer 30-95 will decorate your home, produce cost efficient heat, and create a warm and soothing environment with its full view firebox window.

Hitzer Model 354 Stove Hitzer Model 354 Coal Stove

The Hitzer Model 354 Coal Stove generates outstanding amounts of evenly distributed heat, while providing luxury to one’s home. It provides maximum heating capabilities of up to 2,500 square feet and produces a BTU rating of 20,000 up to 100,000 BTU’s. With multiple alternative fuel options the Hitzer model 354 meets the convenience for its customers.

Its large firebox measures 25" wide, 13.5" deep, and 19" high and allows for hours of warmth and comfort. By having a large full-view firebox window, it provides peaceful relaxation for everyone. The Hitzer Model 354 is an excellent heater that is sure to make an excellent home.