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Valcourt Cartier Wood Fireplace Valcourt Beaumont Wood Fireplace Valcourt Mundo Wood Fireplace
Honoring Jacques Cartier, a famous European Explorer, the Valcourt Cartier woodburning fireplace explores a new approach on design. Introducing a fireplace that seamlessly blends a contemporary design with the functionality of a traditional fireplace. The beautiful Valcourt Beaumont Wood Fireplace is designed with you in mind. Imagine distressing under the flickering dancing flames, while laying in the tub or relaxing on your couch. You already feel relaxed don't you? Blending both functionality and comfort to provide you with a sleek, modern fireplace to light up your home. With an extra large glass surface, this stunning fireplace offers you an unmatched view of the glowing fire.

Valcourt Lafayette Wood Fireplace Valcourt Manoir Wood Fireplace Valcourt Westmount Wood Fireplace
Inspired by Lafayette, a French officer and American Revolution hero, this high efficiency fireplace is the newest model from Valcourt, providing first rate efficiency and elegance in home heating. Not only does this fireplace offer a revolutionary look but it meets the highest EPA eissions requirements, making it a worthy choice for the new generation of consumers dedicated to using renewable and clean heating sources through wood. Taking a modern twist on Valcourt's very first fireplace, introducing the Valcourt Manoir Wood Fireplace! This model comes equipped with double doors on a steel frame, and ceramic glass that slide into either side. This ensures a solid hold while providing an extraordinary view of the blazing flames. This elegantly crafted appliance is designed to bring the beauty of the flames to not just one room but two! Stand out from the rest, invest in the Valcourt Westmount and enjoy the beauty and comfort it has to offer.
Valcourt Antoinette Wood Fireplace Valcourt Waterloo Wood Fireplace Valcourt Waterloo - Arched Faceplate Wood Fireplace
The beautiful Valcourt Antoinette is equipped with a guillotine door, that disappears into the hearth to allow you not only easy loading but a gorgeous view of the flickering flames. This versatile fireplace is about giving you the ability to make your dream fireplace come to reality.
Introducing Valcourt's gigantic high efficiency fireplace, the Valcourt Waterloo! Measuring at 43 3/8" x 50 3/4" x 31 5/8" this magnificent fireplace with it's ornamental facade will become the focal point of any home. Introducing Valcourt's gigantic high efficiency fireplace, the Valcourt Waterloo! Measuring at 43 3/8" x 50 3/4" x 31 5/8" this magnificent fireplace with it's ornamental facade will become the focal point of any home.
Valcourt St Laurent Wood Fireplace Valcourt Frontenac Wood Fireplace Valcourt FM400 Mass Fireplace
The Valcourt Saint Laurent wood fireplace's  large rectangular shape gives it a sleek, modern twist on decorative fireplaces. This beautiful fireplace is designed for both convenience and grace, with a guillotine style door, you are given easy loading ability while providing a stunning view of the flames. To add to this, a firescreen equipped with the guillotine mechanism provides safety when enjoying an open door burning. This exceptionally large fireplace uses advanced technology to ensure it's particulate emissions remain low ( roughly 70% cleaner than non EPA certified models). This environmentally friendly fireplace ensures elegance without compromising your quality of air. The Valcourt FM400 Soapstone Wood Fireplace is the smallest in its line, but it remains unparalleled in its ability to create a warm atmosphere.

The elegant styling will give your home the unique character it deserves.

Soapstone fireplaces burn wood exceptionally clean and at a high rate of efficiency. This results in the fireplace spreading heat slowly and evenly throughout your home for several hours after it burns out.
Valcourt FM1000 Mass Wood Fireplace with Oven Valcourt FM1200 Mass Wood Fireplace with Oven Valcourt FM1500 Mass Wood Fireplace with Oven
The Valcourt FM1000 Soapstone Wood Fireplace will bring new elegance to your home.

Its soapstone structure combines excellent heating efficiency with an environmentally-friendly design. The integrated oven will be an indispensable ally for those who enjoy cooking or baking.
The Valcourt FM1200 Soapstone Wood Fireplaces' structure absorbs heat and releases it for hours. In addition to this wonderful warmth, the fireplace comes with a built-in oven for cooking and baking. The classy Valcourt FM1500 Soapstone Wood Fireplace is unparalleled in its ability to warm both body and spirit. With multiple optional bench configurations and an integrated cooking and baking oven, this unit is perfect for hosting family and friends. The soapstone design conducts and holds in heat for up to 24 hours, while its magnificent pearl-grey stones will match any decor.