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Kitchen Queen 380 Wood Burning Cookstove

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Obadiah's is no longer selling Kitchen Queen stoves - This page is for informational purposes only.

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The Kitchen Queen 380 has a 17 gallon water reservoir system which heats water via the radiant heat of the stove. A water coil can also be installed into the firebox of the stove and plumbed to the water reservoir. Cold water enters the firebox through a heat exchanger (water coil) and converts it to hot water, with no moving parts or electricity.

Alternatively, the heat exchanger may be connected to a large hot water tank for household use.

The Kitchen Queen 380 Cookstove is the little sister to the Kitchen Queen 480. For some folks, the Kitchen Queen 380 is just the right size, not too big, not too small. In fact, the owners of Obadiah's Woodstoves, Woody and Annette Chain have owned a Kitchen Queen 380 for many years. This is the cook stove they chose to heat their Off-Grid home and domestic hot water, as well as to cook and bake with. Woody says he loves the long burn times, "the gaskets on this stove are what make it so tight. Unlike many other cookstoves out there that use a rope gasket to seal the doors and such, the Kitchen Queen uses a flat gasket folded into a U shape. This is then inserted into a channel in the door, no glue; just friction holds it in place. It can float freely, it's natural shape is flat, so it seems to hold its shape and bounce back better than a rope gasket. Heck, my gaskets were over 10 years old and they still looked fine, the stove still was as tight as the day we first bought it, 14 hour burns are the rule, not the exception with this cookstove. We finally replaced the gaskets when we re-built the stove for our daughter Sarah. We could have left 'em in there another 10 years, I reckon...... This stove is like that, very easy to own, very forgiving, extremely durable, always making me step back and say, 'Yippee Kai' I love this stove...! She continues to make me love her more the longer we're together.....kinda like a good horse"......The wife and kids say she can cook and bake too!"

Originally designed by Freeman Troyer and built in Michigan, the Kitchen Queen was built to serve Amish communities around North America. Being from Michigan themselves, the Chain's have many Amish friends. "Being in the Hearth business, Woody was always fascinated with the Amish cookstoves", says Annette. "One day he comes home with a huge enclosed trailer, a few weeks later he has it wired with solar power, a wind generator, inverter, battery bank and filled with Amish cook stoves.......Woody has always dreamed of living in Montana and I could see the gears turning in his head..............now here we are, many years down the road, sharing what we learned along the way. We left the city life far behind and embarked on an adventure as a family that has made us closer and more grounded. We are also willing to share what we have learned with so many folks looking to make similar changes in their lives and live in the Tooleys with the Bears, Mountain Lions and Wolves.......actually we love it, it really has been great for my family, you can live in the middle of the 'Tooleys' and survive quite nicely with today's technology, provided your blessed with someone who understands all this stuff and can make it work, like Woody does.

The Internet has changed so much......I do most of my shopping online, you don't have to live near a city today to be able to get things. Today, if it's out there, it is easier to find online, thanks to Google and the others. Our business has prospered because we know what we're talking about, we are not Amish Wanna Be's, or survivalist, just ex city slickers gone country, we just love it out here. The smell of pine trees, the sound of the running brook, the fresh mountain breeze blowing through your hair.....just can't be described."....... So, if you're dreaming of living in the country and need a good dependable stove that will serve you and your family for many years to come, the Kitchen Queen may be the country cookstove you're looking for.

The large firebox in either Kitchen Queen will hold a lot of wood, or will burn equally well with a small amount of wood. The Summer Grate will move your fire higher in the firebox so you can heat the hot plate above with just a small amount of kindling to boil water in about 10-15 minutes. When you leave the chimney damper open, most of the heat will escape up the chimney keeping your Kitchen Queen cooler in the warmer months of the year. The Kitchen Queens are very good at heating, the side panels are hollow and have holes in them so the cool air near the floor is naturally drawn to the heat of the stove. As it enters under the cookstove, the air begins to warm and rise, entering the air space on either side of the stove, exiting the small holes just under the cooktop on either side of the cookstove. Through the law of Thermodynamics, (hot up, cold down) the warm air will enter in the natural convection zones in your home and be distributed more evenly than a strictly Radiant Heat cookstove. Radiant heat is hotter the closer you get and cooler the further away. So, the Kitchen Queen is an excellent convection heating cookstove. No fan or blowers needed. Your kitchen will be cooler and your home will be more evenly heated than with most other cookstoves, except the Ironheart which also employs a similar design.

As we can see 50 below here in Montana, we understand how important a good cook stove can be to surviving out here. Most of our neighbors burn Kitchen Queens or the old Montana Energy Queen built by Dennis Bontrager, a Kitchen Queen copy. Like they say, that is the most sincere form of flattery. Being in the Hearth business over 30 years and former licensed Builders and HVAC Contractors, "we've been around the block a time or two", as Woody would say. The point is, if you're looking for a serious wood cookstove, the Kitchen Queen is well qualified. The oven on the Kitchen Queen is very large, fully porcelain lined, no raw steel or paint to rust. It also comes with two oven racks and a handy spill tray on the bottom which is also porcelain and easily cleaned. The oven on a Kitchen Queen cooks like none other and is totally unique in how it heats, utilizing natural convection again to work better. Most cookstoves rely on the chimney draft to create the necessary vacuum to pull the smoke down under and around the oven in order to heat up. If your chimney is not working properly, neither will your oven on most cookstove's. The Kitchen Queen actually draws the smoke and heat from the firebox to the right and under the oven, then up and back out the chimney. This is a much more direct path and has less resistance and therefore less turbulence, which equals less creosote buildup around your oven, which means less maintenance to keep your cookstove operational.

The Water Reservoir is not for most "English Folk". If you have pressurized water and want to heat your domestic hot water to take a nice hot shower, we can show you how to do that properly. If you want a water reservoir just in case you have no other way to make hot water, you should understand how it works. The Water Reservoir is just that, it holds water, it is not pressurized. You drain it from below the tank near the stove into a bucket. There are no hot showers, you refill with a bucket and dump it over your head as you're standing in a washtub, works for some folks.... To refill, you dump water into the tank, and eventually the stove will heat the water reservoir. If you have a large family, a water coil in the firebox will speed up the process considerably.

You never want a water reservoir to begin to boil in your home as it will convert to 24 gallons of steam, which will create mold and mildew in your home. Only hook up a water reservoir to a firebox if you plan on using it as your sole source of hot water. In which case, it will work fine as long as you keep water in it while hot. Otherwise you'll melt the rubber hoses right off the back of the stove. With the Kitchen Queen the Water Reservoir is unique in that it actually sits on the top edge of the cooktop, and the chimney pipe runs through the middle of the water reservoir. This passive heating allows you to not have to connect to a circulation tube in the firebox, for the water reservoir to get hot, as it is with most cookstoves. This allows you to have both a Water Reservoir for back up in an emergency and a Thermofront water heater connected to your domestic hot water tank, making free hot water from your Kitchen Queen Woodstove. You should never drink hot water from a water reservoir; it can make you very sick. Use a tea pot and bring it to a boil before you drink it.

The Kitchen Queens are welded steel stoves built of heavy gauge plate steel. The Kitchen Queen 480 weighs in at real close to 900 lbs! The 380, close to 800 lbs! Far heavier than any other cookstove we offer. All doors, and latches are fully adjustable. There is excellent access for cleaning the cookstove. This Cookstove is extremely airtight. The stove is designed to be practical, easy to operate and maintain, and heats like the afterburner of an F18........ "She is not the prettiest girl at the dance, but boy can she dance......after all that's what it's all about, unless you just want to stand around looking pretty.....then this is not your stove." as Woody says.

For a comprehensive series of videos on the Kitchen Queen 380, please click here to see our playlist on YouTube.
Woody from Obadiah's demonstrates the new glass doors and gives an overview of the Kitchen Queen.

The Kitchen Queen 380 has a 17 gallon (the 480 has a 24 gallon) water reservoir system, that heats water from the radiant heat of the stove. A water coil can be installed into the firebox and plumbed to the water reservoir. The cold water enters the firebox through a heat exchanger (water coil) and converts it to hot water, with no moving parts or electricity. The heat exchanger can be connected to a large hot water tank for whole house use.

The huge oven is the heart of the stove. Revolutionary design makes total sense, yet is the total opposite of every wood cookstove on the market. Other stoves try to pull the smoke over the top of the oven, down the side, around the bottom, and then back out the top. Heat rises naturally, it makes more sense to vent the firebox off the side so
the heat travels under the oven, up the side, over the top, and out the flue. This also significantly reduces the creosote build up which can be difficult to clean out.

Shown with optional Warming Oven and Standard Black Doors

Options and Features

1. Warming shelf (standard)

2. Flue outlet

3. Heat directing baffles

4. Oven and heat control

5. Direct smoke outlet

6. Firebrick

7. Grates

8. Smoke and heat directed under the oven

9. Heat directing baffles

10. Adjustable let

11.Warming oven (optional)

PLEASE NOTE: The super charger was discontinued in the summer of 2015.

Hearth Pads - Micore 300

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
overjoyed with 380 December 19, 2014
Reviewer: Guy and Jana Gardner from Idaho Panhandle  
This is our first wood cook stove and we were certainly confused about the subject until we found Obadiah's. I had a mountain of questions before I started reading Woody's web site and watching all of his extensive videos. By the time I started to contact Obadiah's staff I really had just one question. How soon can it be at our door? Everyone, including Woody has been a joy to work with and I will again! The Queen it self is perfect. The right size, easy to learn and use, and it is exactly as advertise. They may even have understated the quality! Thanks Obadiah's, we could not be happier.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great Stove after i fixed the Supercharger. October 1, 2014
Reviewer: Mark Skaggs from Applegate Or.  
i wish it was taller even after sitting on a brick hearth still sits to low for some one 5' 9" tall. the oven works great, the supercharger was a bust and never did work at all !!. i had to open the ash pan door to get a good draft under the wood to get it going.  on the left side of the ash pan door i installed an air vent that looks just like the one in the fire box door above that can be turned to open or close to regulate the amount of air going under the fire box .  i took matters into my own hands on this because between purchasing the stove and having a hearth and brick heat shield built for the walls i'm into this thing for around a 6K investment and it wasn't working properly kinda ridiculous that i have to start cutting and welding and drilling on a new stove to make it work properly but since there is no customer support for 1500 or more miles what choice do you have ?.

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Great Stove for a great price!! September 23, 2013
Reviewer: Kai Moessle from Cairo NY  
I bought the smaller Kitchen Queen from Obadiah's almost two years ago. It was delivered last July (the factory had a bit of a backlog) in perfect condition; the crate was so sturdy it took two of us about fifteen minutes with a prybar just to get one side off.

I finally got it installed this spring and it is AWESOME!!!! The firebox is the best I have ever used, it takes huge logs and holds a fire well over the advertised eight hours (I have beech wood, dried about a year). The "Supercharger" works just as they say: I had a good fire and the oven was at about 250 degrees F when I opened it; within five minutes the temperature went up to 475!

If you have the summer grate (well worth the money in the summer!) be sure to use small, split wood as dry as possible.

Overall, I could not be happier with my KQ!

Finally, the customer service folks here at Obadiah's are right on top of their game and one of the friendliest I have ever talked to!

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  4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
The Right Combination of Beauty and Utility September 4, 2013
Reviewer: Carol Nelson from Milaca, MN United States  
This is a heavy, well built stove. It was well wrapped and crated and arrived in perfect condition.
It is simple and understated in design yet has thoughtful details that make it beautiful as well as functional.
The oven interior is easy to keep clean. The thermometer in the oven door makes it easy to keep the right temperature, especially for a wood-cooking beginner like me. I was surprised at how easy it was to cook with. My first dinner using the stovetop and oven turned out perfectly! (I read and learned to use smaller chunks of wood to get a hotter, better controlled fire.)
The grate in the bottom of the firebox makes it very easy to clean out ashes.
The rails that go around the outside are helpful to avoid burns from getting too close. The buyer should keep in mind that the stainless top will darken with use, but the rails and trim stays clean and bright.
Every detail of this stove seems to be well thought out and well implemented. We could not be more pleased.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great Cookstove! August 28, 2013
Reviewer: Hugh Owens from Jackson WY  
Our Kitchen Queen 380  arrived intact in a sturdy plywood box. The fit and finish were superb. Once I had the "Queen" up and running, I was blown away by its combustion efficiency and heat output which heats our large log cabin.   I modified the KQ, installing additional firebrick on all firebox surfaces. The fire burns with a blue flame once established. My criticisms of the stove are minimal.  It is a VERY heavy stove. It could use a small viewing glass to keep track of the fire. The oven door thermometer reads 50 degrees low. The oven on the 380 is just big enough to be useful. My old cookstove had a large oven and a small firebox. Large firebox trumps large oven!  I would recommend anyone wanting to cook with wood to consider this stove. This kind of heating and cooking appliance is a vital component to achieving a measure of self sufficiency in these troubled economic times. I would regard it as your second purchase after a good chainsaw.

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