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 Note: Often times we offer free shipping on chimney pipe. If both the unit and chimney are purchased from us, we are able to offer further discounts.

Obadiah's offers free advice if you are looking to cut your heating bills by adding a woodfired boiler to your home. It would be helpful if your seeking advice on what size unit you will need to have the answers to the following questions in advance. We can also offer consulting service to design your boiler system for whatever application you may have, for a fee.
Input and output of current oil or gas boiler if applicable. What is the BTU rating if you have a existing forced air furnace?  Will this boiler be an add on or stand alone system? Indoor or outdoor?:
Current sq footage of home?:
Age of home?:
Have the windows or doors been upgraded? If so when and what are the R-values?:
What is the current R value of walls ceiling and floors if on a crawl space? If basement is it finished or not, are walls block or poured concrete?:
Traffic in and out of structure to be heated..... Is this a commercial application with high traffic flows in and out? Large family with how many kids? Or just mom and pop? Home, pole barn, or a workshop?:
Is there an air trap at the main door like a mud room or porch, to help buffer heat loss in the winter?:
Are you looking to heat with radiant heat such as infloor or baseboards, or forced air, via a hot water to air heat exchanger? Do you want to heat your domestic hot water supply too?:
What part of the country do you live in? What is the average winter temperature and the coldest it can get?:
Are you planning on expanding your home in the future?:

Which model are you interested in?:
Do you want any accessories?:
Do you need chimney pipe?:
If so, how many floors are you going through?:
How tall is each space you are going through (including attic spaces)? :
What is your roof pitch?:
Is there anything within ten feet of your roof line (including: dormers, trees, other buildings, and the roof line)?:
When coming through the roof, how many inches or feet are you away from the peak?:

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