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Glenwood Pennstoker 7720 Coal Boiler
Glenwood Heaters Pennstoker 7720 Coal Fired Boiler

The Glenwood Heaters Pennstoker 7720 Coal Fired Boiler is the ultimate solution for trouble free heating. This anthracite coal burning boiler is designed to burn cleanly, safely, and efficiently. Coal fuel is cheaper than gas, heating oil, and wood (assuming you have to buy the wood). For commercial or residential purposes, there is a Pennstoker with the right capacity to heat your building.The Burntrol modulating technology built into this Glenwood Heaters coal boiler decreases coal usage and increases combustion, dramatically improving efficiency and producing plenty of BTUs to keep your building warm.
Price: $11,950.00

Product Code: 7720GWPS
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The Glenwood Heaters Pennstoker 7720 is an coal fired boiler that utilizes anthracite coal, and various technologies, to produce a clean, safe, and super efficient combustion that heats your building with a comfortable, even heat.

The Pennstoker coal burning boiler comes with plenty of technology and features to help burn efficiently, and cleanly. The Burntrol modulating controller determines the firing rate based on the heat load, resulting in less ash, complete coal combustion (no unused coal in the ashes), minimal temperature fluctuation for a nice even heat, and more! The gigantic coal hopper can hold enough coal to burn for two weeks. A vertical fire tube type heat exchanger significantly reduces the risk of condensation and corrosion, and makes cleaning the boiler an easy task. For high heating efficiency, the removable spiral baffles in the fire tubes force the hot gases to spend more time in the tubes, which results in a complete heat transfer into the water.

Built from heavy duty 1/4" plate steel, you know that this coal boiler boasts solid construction, as well as exceptional heating capacity. Whether you need to heat a home, or a commercial building, the Pennstoker 7720 has the capacity to fulfill your heating needs (up to 5,000 square feet).



When you purchase heating equipment manufactured by Glenwood Heaters, LLC, you, the original owner, receive a twenty (20) year warranty against rust through or failed welds. The obligation of Glenwood Heaters, LLC is limited to exchanging or replacing defective parts with new or remanufactured parts at the option of Glenwood Heaters, LLC, or repairing the defective part. Said decision as to which option should be exercised to be at the sole discretion of Glenwood Heaters, LLC. You will be responsible for paying the cost of shipping and handling.

This warranty and the provisions contained hereunder are extended only to the original owner, and do not transfer to subsequent owners of heating equipment manufactured by Glenwood Heaters, LLC. This warranty is void as to any part of the heating equipment which has been damaged by owner or any other individual once the equipment is in possession of the owner. This warranty is void whether damage was caused by misuse, accident, negligence in operation or maintenance, improper self-help attempt to repair, etc.

Additionally, this warranty does not extend to the product unless the product was installed pursuant to the installation procedure outlined in the owner’s manual. The warranty on all other parts of the heating equipment expires one (1) year from the date of purchase of the product by the original owner, but this warranty does not apply or extend to any specific parts excluded from coverage below.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability an all other obligations and liability of Glenwood Heater, LLC. Glenwood Heaters, LLC neither assumes not authorizes any person to assume for Glenwood Heaters, LLC any other liability in connection with sales or installation of the heating equipment.


This warranty does not cover service calls that are related to the problems caused by faulty installation, misuse or to change the original set-up of the product. The warranty does not cover unauthorized modifications of the product nor does it cover service call to replace or repair any portion of the heating system unless that part of the heating system has shown to be defective under normal recommended maintenance and use of the heating equipment.


1. The Burntrol modulating controller precisely matches the burn rate to the heat load. List below are some of the important benefits that result:

  • Complete Coal Combustion (No unburnt coal in the ashes)
  • Reduced Ash Content
  • Minimal Temperature Fluctuation (Consistent, even heat is important for Kilns and Greenhouses)
  • Low Operation Time Required
  • High Combustion Efficiency (Wrings the heat out of every pound of coal)
  • User Friendly
  • Allows For Summertime Use To Heat Domestic Hot Water

2. Jumbo sized coal hopper can hold sufficient coal for up to two weeks.
6. Easy access interior to start fire and clean.
8. Durable powder coated finish.
10. Large ash pan and ash door for convenient ash removal.

Stoker unit and coal hopper can be removed to make it easier to get it down steps, etc.

Unique coal grate with apron retainer keeps coal keeps coal on the grate until completely burned.

4. Vertical fire tube type heat exchanger significantly reduces the risk of corrosion and condensation and makes cleaning the boiler a breeze.
5. The secret to the high heating efficiency is the removable spiral baffles in the fire tubes. These for the hot gases to spend more time in the tubes for complete heat transfer into the water as well as making cleaning very simple.

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