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Glenwood 7060 Commercial Multi Fuel Biomass Boiler
Glenwood 7060 Multi Fuel Boiler

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Because the Glenwood 7060 meets commercial EPA standards, this unit is EPA EXEMPT. This unit is to be sold for commercial purposes only.

The Glenwood Multi Fuel Biomass Boilers are truly the most versatile boilers on the market, priced to also be the best value in clean burning, efficient biomass and waste burning boilers. If you’re looking for a solution to your heating or waste disposal needs, Obadiah's and Glenwood Boilers will help you find it through our custom engineering abilities. Obadiah’s is the exclusive distributor of this product and dealerships are available. Contact us for more details.

These boilers are designed and engineered to burn just about any dry organic biomass material. A Glenwood Multi Fuel Biomass Boiler will burn Cord Wood, Pressed Wood Cubes, Processed Wood Blocks, Waste Wood Blocks, Pressed Logs, Rolled Up Newspapers, Cardboard Blocks, Corn Cobs, Fodder, Different Types of Coal, Dried Horse Manure, Dried Cow Pies, Trash, Waste Oil, Cooking Oil, Heavy Oil, #1, #2, #3, Fuel Oils.
Price: $15,050.00

Price with Selected Options: $15,050.00

Product Code: 7060GW

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Optional Accessories:
7060P Biomass Attachment [Add $13,950.00]

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The Glenwood Multi Fuel Biomass Boilers are unique in that they are truly the most versatile boiler on the market. For over 30 years, Glenwood Heating has been building Commercial and Agricultural Boilers that are capable of filling a wide variety of roles. The Glenwood Boilers are built to industrial standards and are heavy duty to stand up to the rigors of hard use, day in and day out. Glenwoods have a reputation for being tough, well built boilers and carry a NON PRO RATED 20 year warranty to back it up. Designed and engineered to burn just about any dry organic biomass material, a Glenwood Biomass Boiler will burn Cord Wood, Wood Chips, Wood Shavings, Wood Pellets, Pressed Wood Cubes, Processed Wood Blocks, Waste Wood Blocks, Pressed Logs, Rolled Up Newspapers, Cardboard Blocks, Saw Dust, Corn, Corn Cobs, Fodder, All Kinds of Coal, Coal Pellets, Coal Wood Pellets, Coal Biomass Pellets, Switch Grass Pellets, Dried Horse Manure, Dried Cow Pies, Trash, Waste Oil, Cooking Oil, Heavy Oil, #1, #2, #3, Fuel Oils and even propane, or natural gas as a stand alone unit.

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Glenwoods Multi Fuel Boiler have a 30 year track record of thousands of happy commercial customers who are heating their business, shops, warehouses, processing plants, barns, livestock confinement buildings, greenhouses, kilns, and even homes! No other biomass boiler on the market has such a proven track record with such versatility and success. If your looking for a high efficiency boiler that will heat your home reliably with little fuss at a very reasonable cost, you have found it. In most cases you can purchase an American made Glenwood boiler for less than the cost of an import that is more efficient at transferring the BTUs from the fuel put in, to the useful heat that comes out. Most Glenwood boilers are up to 90% efficient, clean burning, without fancy computer controllers, electronics and other systems that can fail, bringing the ability of the boiler to heat, to a screeching halt. If you want the fancy stuff, the robust Glenwood Biomass AT800 attachment is an exciting addition to the many options available to a Glenwood user. An Innovative Industrial Grade Computerized Controller (IIGCC) that totally regulates the firing rate of the AT800 to the heat demand. This results in extreme efficiency levels, no smoke and little ash, the real proof of complete and total combustion. Low speed operation insures long trouble free lifespans of the equipment, low power consumption, equals high returns on investment, (ROI). Separate combustion chambers insure the ability of the AT800 option, attached to the rear of a Glenwood Multi-fuel biomass boiler, will give you the option of choosing the most efficient fuel at the time, without having to purchase another boiler. In today's uncertain world of changing fuel availability and cost, that benefit can be invaluable to the wise business person, rancher, or home owner.

As mentioned above, the Glenwood AT-800 biomass option gives you the capabilities to burn even more biomass materials than you could before! With the attachment, you can burn pellets, chips, coal, saw dust, shavings, and more. For more information on this biomass attachment that extends the variety of fuels you can burn, please click here.


When you purchase heating equipment manufactured by Glenwood Heaters, LLC, you, the original owner, receive a twenty (20) year warranty against rust through or failed welds. The obligation of Glenwood Heaters, LLC is limited to exchanging or replacing defective parts with new or remanufactured parts at the option of Glenwood Heaters, LLC, or repairing the defective part. Said decision as to which option should be exercised to be at the sole discretion of Glenwood Heaters, LLC. You will be responsible for paying the cost of shipping and handling.

This warranty and the provisions contained hereunder are extended only to the original owner, and do not transfer to subsequent owners of heating equipment manufactured by Glenwood Heaters, LLC. This warranty is void as to any part of the heating equipment which has been damaged by owner or any other individual once the equipment is in possession of the owner. This warranty is void whether damage was caused by misuse, accident, negligence in operation or maintenance, improper self-help attempt to repair, etc.

Additionally, this warranty does not extend to the product unless the product was installed pursuant to the installation procedure outlined in the owner's manual. The warranty on all other parts of the heating equipment expires one (1) year from the date of purchase of the product by the original owner, but this warranty does not apply or extend to any specific parts excluded from coverage below.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability an all other obligations and liability of Glenwood Heater, LLC. Glenwood Heaters, LLC neither assumes not authorizes any person to assume for Glenwood Heaters, LLC any other liability in connection with sales or installation of the heating equipment.


This warranty does not cover service calls that are related to the problems caused by faulty installation, misuse or to change the original set-up of the product. The warranty does not cover unauthorized modifications of the product nor does it cover service call to replace or repair any portion of the heating system unless that part of the heating system has shown to be defective under normal recommended maintenance and use of the heating equipment.


The Glenwood 7060 Multi Fuel Boiler



Cooking OilGreenhouses
Waste OilLivestock Confinement Buildings
Ear Corn, Cobs & FodderMake-up Air
Wood Chips, Shavings & Saw DustKilns
Pellets & More!& More!

  • Pressure Release Valve
  • Temperature/Pressure Gauge
  • High Limit Safety Control
  • Electronic Draft and Burner Controls
  • Individually Adjustable Legs
  • Smoke Bypass Keeps Smoke Out of the Building While Tending Fire
  • Inspection Opening Allows Monitoring of the Fire Without Opening Any Doors
  • Thermostatically Controlled Draft Blower Aids In Complete Combustion
  • Draft Box Controls Combustion Air
  • Water-Lined Firebox provides Maximum Heat Transfer
  • Insulated Heat Exchanger Access Door For Easy Servicing
  • Fin-Type Secondary Heat Exchanger For Highly Efficient Heat Transfer
  • Large Insulated Firebox Door

Optional Features

  • Insulation Panels to Minimize Heat Loss* (Removable Access Panel)
  • Domestic Coil For An Endless Supply of Hot Water
  • Shaking Grate, With External Shaker Lever, To Burn the Fuel of Choice
  • Ash Pan for Convenient Ash Removal**
  • Highly Efficient Beckett Oil Burner
  • Water-Lined Combustion Chamber Providing Rapid Heat Exchange and Isolate the Oil Burner From the Contaminates Emitted By the Wood Fire*
* - Standard With Oil Back-Up
** - With Optional Grate

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